• Software integration
  • Business process automation
  • Custom software development
  • Mobile App Development
  • IT Consulting
  • User Experience/User Interface Design

The Starlight Development team is the heart of Starlight Consultants. We have been a trusted, full-service, technology partner in small business for over a decade. Starlight Software Development has the capabilities to create, automate, and configure any aspect of your business to help you work smarter and expand your own capabilities as a company. Our experience extends across multiple platforms and systems and our specialty is customization. Ultimately, our team possesses the talent to develop software on any platform and with any technology.

Our passion is to take a problem or pain point and create custom solutions that meet and exceed your needs to work smarter, give you better tools, and grow your business to meet your goals and dreams.


A small sample of what our team has accomplished for our clients:

  • Create an integration between Twilio and Salesforce CRM to automate SMS reminders
  • Synchronize customers, contacts, and invoices between databases
  • Process files on a remote server and create records in Salesforce
  • An application to simplify the expense entry process
  • Creation of a cloud-based file server with user and permission management
  • Denote and manage recurring payments and print statements
  • Construct websites from the ground up on various platforms
  • Custom public user app that submits ratings to a cloud-based server